Easily removes even waterproof mascara. Cleansing Sheet OIL-IN

Wipe-off cleansing/skin lotion
40 sheets/Sold only in convenience stores. 10 sheets.

No double

Sheets generously moistened with beauty enhancing oil
for completely removing makeup, even waterproof mascara!

The double effects of cleansing oil that blends well with makeup
and cleansing ingredients usually found in skin lotion quickly separate makeup
-- including waterproof mascara and thick foundation -- from skin,
and gently floats and envelopes makeup, and thoroughly removes it,
while keeping skin moisture intact.
Containing squalene as beauty enhancing oil, the sheet moisturizes skin
that has become rough from dryness and dirt, restoring moisture, softness, and beauty.

A single sheet of Bifesta Cleansing Sheet for everything
from makeup removal to skin care!

A single sheet for everything from makeup removal to skin care! No need for rinsing.
Can be used for skin care in the morning.

Thorough makeup removal with just one sheet!

Large enough (150 mm x 200 mm or approx. 5.9 in. x 7.8 in.) for full-face coverage
Containing generous cleansing water per sheet. Soft and gentle on skin
Friction-reducing formula for skin

  • Fragrance

  • Colorant

Allergic and patch tests completed
*This does not guarantee that the product will not cause
any allergic reaction or skin irritation to any user.

To Use

Large Bifesta Wipes are generously moistened with the Cleansing Lotion. One sheet is enough to completely remove makeup
Take out one sheet at a time, and use it on dry skin. Start with feature makeup in the eye area and on lips. To remove eye makeup, place a folded sheet on the eye area for a while, and wipe off gently.
Refold the sheet to use a clean part of the sheet, and repeat this until the sheet remains unsoiled.
Makeup removal is complete when the sheet remains unsoiled. Since the moisturizing ingredients stay on skin, it is not necessary to wash the face afterward. You can move on to the next step of your usual skin care routine. Regulate the number of sheets to use, depending on makeup thickness.

There are also other ways to use!

Pin-point use for eye makeup removal

Fold one sheet several times, place it on the eyelid for about ten seconds while taking care not to let the liquid enter the eye, and wipe off gently. To remove eyeliner and mascara, gently press an edge of the folded sheet to blend and dissolve the makeup, instead of rubbing.

Fold and wipe to leave no traces of makeup!

Makeup removers sometimes leave traces in certain areas, such as at the corner of the eye, around the wings of the nose, and in the brows. To thoroughly remove makeup from such areas, use an edge of a folded sheet and wipe away. This leaves Zero makeup behind!

  • * To open, uncap and pull the inner ring with fingers.
  • * Be sure that the skin is trouble-free when using the product. Do not use on scarred, eczematous or otherwise troubled skin. In case of irritation, discoloration (or white spots), blackening or other abnormal conditions, stop use immediately and consult a dermatologist.
  • * Close your eyes and avoid contact with the eyes. If liquid gets into your eyes and you feel any abnormality (e.g. blurred vision), rinse off immediately. If abnormality (blurred vision, etc.) persists, consult an ophthalmologist (eye doctor).
  • * Eyelash extensions may come off due to cleansing factors or friction.
  • * After each use, close the package by pressing the cap firmly to keep the remaining sheets from drying, which can deteriorate the product quality.
  • * Once the package is opened, use up the sheets within a reasonable period of time.
  • * The sheets are not water-soluble; do not flush in the toilet.
  • * The liquid may seep from the sheets if the package is pressed strongly from outside (in a bag, for example).
  • * Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • * Keep out of children's reach.


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